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John H. Williams

Photography by John H. Williams is family-owned, and run by both my wife, Annette, and I from our home in Idaho Falls, Idaho. While other companies may well offer similar product, only our service comes with our personal touch and attention to detail.  We'll work with you in any way we can to help guarantee your satisfaction.  That's our commitment to you.
     While an avid outdoorsman since childhood, for years I had no interest whatsoever in photography.  In 1970 I embarked on a thirty plus career as an outdoor writer without photographic support - I didn't even own a camera.  In 1980 while attending an outdoor writers' workshop several editors I was working for suggested I at least try my hand at photography.  I had no idea what I was getting into!  Within months I'd purchased some rudimentary equipment and began shooting everything imaginable.  For a couple of years, shoot after shoot, I lived the same disappointments.  I'd rush my film off for processing, just knowing I'd captured some breathtaking images only to be crushed when the film came back.  Photography - the art of capturing truly riveting images - was proving much more elusive than I would have ever imagined.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  I bought more equipment. I spent an immense amount of time outdoors photographing.  Not only was I hooked, but gradually I began to accumulate some pretty good images.  For years thereafter when I published a magazine article, or one of my own books, I was able to supply the photographic support needed.  Slowly I came to realize photography had become my obsession.  Still I yearned for more than just magazine art, I wanted art I could proudly display in my home.  I wanted art I could hang in a gallery.  For years now whenever I sort photographs I keep nothing less than publication quality and have in excess of 90,000 such images, yet my "fine art" images compromise only a minute fraction of that.  I will not sell an image as "fine art" I wouldn't hang on my own wall.

     After years of vacillation, in 2010, I finally made the switch to shooting digital.  This has helped tremendously in keeping costs down, and I'm pleased to say I don't see any decline in quality, in fact, I believe the opposite to be true. Except for minor, but sometimes necessary, color/lighting adjustments and the cropping of an image to a buyer's specification, none of my images are manipulated in any way. I work tirelessly to obtain proper exposures and composition in the field through my cameras and lens.  I use "Photoshop" only to "tweak" my images and for final cropping purposes.

    My focus is, and always has been, on nature, especially wildlife.  My academic training as a biologist has been extremely helpful in allowing me insight into the behaviors of the animals I pursue. However, in the process of photographing wildlife, I invariably encounter a wealth of other photographic opportunities as well: wildflowers, fungi, fall colors, and a wide array of scenics.  In vigorously selecting the few photos I keep I'm able to blow up my images to at least 20" X 24" without any noticeable degradation. 

    In addition to being a biologist, author, and photographer I have, for many years, done speaking engagements as well.  When I do so I work hard to tailor my talk specifically to the audience in question and combine my presentation with a slide show whenever possible.  I find quality photos truly are "worth a thousand words". If interested simply email me for more information.

  • Bull Moose in velvet, taken in early August